Senior School News

Senior School News Sunday, 25 June 2023

Professional Connections Program - Semester 1

Burgmann’s Professional Connections Program provides Year 9 students with a glimpse into different career pathways and opportunities.In Term 2,…

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Senior School News Wednesday, 19 Apr 2023

Hope Unlimited - Year 10 Personal Development

Burgmann has always prioritised educating the whole child. This guides our approach to wellbeing and personal development for our students.We provide…

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Senior School News Wednesday, 08 Mar 2023

The Year 9 Rite Journey

Parents of Year 9 students recently attended the information session for The Rite Journey program. The evening provided an opportunity for parents to…

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Senior School News Tuesday, 28 Feb 2023

Year 11 Retreat

The Year 11 Retreat is an essential part of the Wellbeing Program, offering our senior students a chance to grow and learn as they enter senior…

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Senior School News Tuesday, 22 Nov 2022

Farewell to Year 12 - Class of 2022

The Year 12 Final Assembly marks the close of a chapter for our eldest Burgmann students, however it is only the beginning of great things to…

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Senior School News Tuesday, 06 Sept 2022

Challenge Day Adventures

Today Year 10 students participated in Challenge Day; a day long hike on the Centenary Trail between Hall and Forde. The activity encouraged…

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Senior School News Saturday, 12 Feb 2022

Leading From The Front

Leading from the front! Being Burgmann means challenging yourself, going outside your comfort zone, supporting others, developing respectful…

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