At Burgmann, we have a flourishing Performing Arts program, encompassing music, dance, and the dramatic arts. Students can develop their skills as performers and ensemble members, participating in major productions that showcase their talents. Co-curricular Music offers performance and learning opportunities, while our Dance Troupes engage in annual performances. Through the Performing Arts program, students cultivate self-expression, collaboration, and confidence, fostering a lifelong appreciation for the arts.


At Burgmann, we offer Dance Troupe (Years 7-9) and Performance Troupe (Years 10-12) as part of our dance program. Both troupes participate in ACT's Youth Dance Festival, providing a professional theatre experience and celebrating self-expression. Students choreograph their own routines and have additional performance opportunities at school events.


At Burgmann, our dramatic arts programs offer opportunities for students and staff to collaborate and deliver impressive productions in musical theatre and drama. Students showcase their talents on stage and behind the scenes, building self-confidence and gaining valuable skills. Our repertoire includes a range of productions, and we also offer a Co-curricular Drama Club for engaging experiences in theatre sports, improvisation, and more.


At Burgmann, we believe that music is for everyone. Our Co-Curricular Music Program provides opportunities for students to develop their skills, build a sense of belonging, and embrace challenges in a group setting. We uphold values such as commitment, courage, curiosity, integrity, and trust. Additionally, we offer an Instrumental Music Program for extended learning.