The journey of a Middle School student starts with transition - everyone is new when they begin. To support this important learning juncture, our students experience a hybrid between a traditional primary and senior school model of learning.

Students in Years 6 to 8 come together on the Forde Campus where the focus is on self-discovery and learning. The campus is designed so the buildings form a 'hug' to the perimeter of the grounds. Once inside the gaze turns outward - to light, to space, to places of learning and collaboration.

The modern buildings are home to classrooms, science laboratories, an art studio, robotics area, music performance and individual tuition rooms, a library and gymnasium. In 2022, the new Middle School Design Hub will open to support students in their creative endeavors.

As on Valley Campus, the older students are co-located with, but separate from, their younger buddies in the Junior Years and Pre-Kindergarten. The site is designed so that age appropriate play areas and staggered break times allow each child to thrive and play.