James Chadwick, Class of 2022
James Chadwick

James attended Burgmann for ten years and had many great experiences. One of his highlights was being a part of the school’s basketball program, where he played alongside his friends in a competitive yet enjoyable atmosphere. James spoke highly of the coaches, who were not only excellent but also great mentors, especially the ones who were also teachers.

James faced a significant challenge in balancing his schoolwork, work, and personal life. Nevertheless, the teachers at Burgmann were supportive and caring, always willing to listen to their students outside the classroom. James credited some of his teachers for having a significant impact on his personal growth throughout his decade at Burgmann and for helping him overcome the challenges he faced.

James is pursuing a double degree in Law and Media at Macquarie University in Sydney. He has been enjoying his time there, meeting fascinating people from various parts of the world.

Khushi Chevli, Class of 2022
Khushi Chevli

Khushi recalls her time at Burgmann with much emotion, particularly in regards to the classroom. She enjoyed talking to her teachers outside of lessons and found them to be kind and supportive. The English building became a sanctuary for her during recess, where she would participate in the reading club and find support from staff members such as Ms Landon. These experiences helped her cherish and savour her final year at Burgmann.

Mathematics was a struggle for Khushi and she made the decision to leave it behind in her final year. This allowed her to focus on her passions and interests, and she had a lot of fun without the additional stress.

Khushi is now pursuing her passion for the Arts with plans to study Journalism with a specialization in Arts. In addition to her studies, she is actively giving back to her community through volunteering. She is teaching residents art at a local aged care facility, has started a volunteer painting service for small businesses around Canberra, and has taught English conversation skills at Libraries ACT.

Khushi's experiences at Burgmann have shaped her into the person she is today, and she is grateful for the support and opportunities she received during her time there. She is excited to continue following her passions and making a positive impact in her community through her studies and volunteer work.

Adripro Dey, Class of 2022
Adripro Dey

Adri's time at Burgmann was an enriching experience that allowed him to form lasting relationships and create memories that he will cherish for years to come. As a student, Adri had the opportunity to develop both academically and socially. He had a strong support system in his friends and teachers, who helped him navigate the challenges that arose during his final years of senior school.

One of the highlights of Adri's time at Burgmann was the close relationships he formed with two of his classmates. They were constant sources of laughter and fun, making their time together in the classroom and during school events memorable. These moments helped Adri bond with his classmates and form relationships that he will always cherish.

In addition, Adri also had some more sentimental experiences at Burgmann. The Year 12 retreat and graduation ceremony were particularly special for him as they provided an opportunity to reflect on his academic journey and the positive impact that his family, friends, and teachers had on his life.

Moving forward, Adri is eager to continue his education and pursue a career in law. He has a strong passion for the field and is eager to develop his skills and knowledge at the Australian National University. Adri also looks forward to making new friends and creating new experiences in the coming years. Overall, Adri will always be grateful for the opportunities and relationships that he formed during his time at Burgmann.

Thomas Do, Class of 2022
Tommy Do

Tommy recalls one of his most cherished memories at Burgmann - a snow fight with his friends, peers, and teachers during the Year 12 Retreat on Mt Kosciusko. Despite being cold and wet, the warmth of their friendship and camaraderie made the experience unforgettable.

He also looks back fondly on his time as a Year 12 Student Leader, working with Preschool-Year 2 students. He found joy in supporting and guiding the children's joyful discovery of life. Their enthusiasm and excitement reminded him of important life lessons such as being present and finding joy in simple things.

Tommy faced significant challenges during his transition from Years 10 to 11, but he was grateful for the broad spectrum of support provided by Burgmann, especially with regard to his wellbeing. With the school's help, he overcame these obstacles and became a more confident, independent, and lifelong learner. Tommy attributes his success to the stable foundation of character that Burgmann helped him build.

Currently, Tommy is studying a Bachelor of Medical Science at the Australian National University, and his dream is to work in the medical and health sciences, contributing to healthcare and supporting the health of others. He is excited for the future and grateful for the life skills and lessons he learned at Burgmann, which will accompany him on the challenges ahead.

Erin Duncombe, Class of 2022
Erin Duncombe

Erin has many fond memories from her time at Burgmann. One of her most memorable experiences was the Cloud Café from preschool, where she and her peers created a café for their parents/guardians. They worked together to create a menu and decorate the café, teaching Erin important skills in teamwork, creativity, and responsibility at a young age.

Another memorable experience was the Island Game in Year 5, where Erin’s class was tasked with running an island. The game taught Erin about society and the importance of ethical and sustainable use of resources and the environment.

Erin also enjoyed the school camps at Burgmann, particularly Year 9 camp and the Year 12 retreat. The camps encouraged personal growth, forged comradery among classmates, and created memories that hold a special place in Erin’s heart.

Erin was also actively involved in the Burgmann community. She held leadership positions and participated in sports and music, and had the opportunity to talk to local Members of Parliament about the importance of mental health as a Wellbeing Ambassador in Year 12.

Erin faced some challenges when starting at a new campus and sub-school, but was able to overcome these with the help of her teachers and support services.

As Erin looks to the future, she plans to study a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Economics at the Australian National University in 2023, with the hope of forging a career in these fields. The memories and lessons learned from her time at Burgmann will always stay with her.

Camdyn George, Class of 2022
Camdyn George

Camdyn's time at Burgmann was characterized by his passion for music and his commitment to his studies. From performing his original song, "Science & Religion," in Chapel, to participating in the thrilling adventures of the Year 9 camp, where he bonded with his classmates through surfing, beach games, and late-night tent talks, Camdyn was always eager to get involved. The school formal was another memorable event, where everyone came together to celebrate their achievements and let loose after the challenges of Year 12.

Camdyn faced stress and burnout while studying for his exams due to the pressure he placed on himself to succeed. He managed to overcome this by finding a work-life balance during his studies. He says it was his love for music, staying connected with friends and dedicating time to things he loved, such as dancing and rapping, that helped him through his final years of study.

As Camdyn sets off on his higher education journey at the Australian National University, he is eager to continue pursuing his passions, both in the classroom and beyond. With plans to study Advanced Computing and Actuarial Studies and specialize in areas like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing, he is excited for what the future holds. And, of course, he will continue to pursue his love for music, working hard on his first mix tape. Camdyn recognizes the value of maintaining balance and feels proud to have been able to combine his academic pursuits with his passion for music during his time at Burgmann.

Shania Kapoor, Class of 2022
Shania Kapoor

Shania's time at Burgmann was a transformative experience that helped to shaped her into the person she is today. The school provided her with the support and encouragement she needed to succeed. The close-knit community of teachers and students fostered a sense of belonging and helped her navigate the ups and downs of school life.

One of the highlights of her time at Burgmann was the Year 7 camp, where she and her classmates had the opportunity to work together and build rafts. The experience taught her the importance of teamwork, communication, and having fun even when faced with challenges. The raft building activity was not only a fun and memorable experience, but it also instilled in her the value of cooperation and problem-solving skills – even when the raft began to sink the moment everyone climbed on board.

Despite the challenges she faced, Shania never felt alone at Burgmann. The school provided a supportive environment where she felt comfortable seeking help when she needed it. Whether she was struggling with her workload or feeling overwhelmed, the teachers and staff were always there to offer their assistance. This experience taught her the importance of asking for help and that it is okay to not have all the answers.

Today, Shania is excited to continue her education and pursue her career goals at the University of Canberra, studying a Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Medical Imaging) with plans to become a Sonographer. Shania will always remember her time at Burgmann as a formative period in her life that helped shape her into the confident and determined young woman she is today.

Nadeeka Karunasekara, Class of 2022
Nadeeka Karunasekara

Nadeeka fondly remembers various community events at Burgmann that brought people together, such as Foundation day performances in Junior school and the Foulcher cup/Film festival in Senior School. As a music student, she treasures the time spent with the school's tight-knit Performing Arts community, producing concerts, musicals, and performances. Additionally, she cherishes the experience of growing up with her peers, building memories together from shared experiences like classroom banter, and the challenging camp and retreat activities.

During her school years, Nadeeka faced the challenge of finding her identity and passion, which she navigated through an open mind. Seeking advice, listening, and taking on different perspectives allowed her to gain confidence, see the bigger picture, and find a sense of optimism to move forward whenever she felt stuck. Nadeeka credits her support network for this growth and looks forward to taking on future challenges.

Beyond Burgmann, Nadeeka is pursuing a double degree in Software Engineering and Music Composition for Film and Video Games. Her ultimate goal is to work as a composer and perform with many other musicians in the future. Along with her academic pursuits, she hopes to continue her passion for community service by volunteering and taking initiative in charity work. While she is starting her path with these plans, Nadeeka remains open to change and looks forward to seeing where life takes her as she gains more independence.

Holly O'Keeffe, Class of 2022
Holly O'Keeffe

Holly has a passion for French culture and language. One of her favourite experiences at Burgmann was attending the French Film Festival with her classmates, which gave her a unique perspective on the differences between French and Australian cinema. She loved growing her French conversational skills in class and savours the memories of hot chocolate and macarons.

Holly also has fond memories of school camps. She recalls the Year 9 camp, where she and her classmates carried heavy supplies over long hikes and pitched tents together. From abseiling to surfing, each year Holly and her classmates were pushed outside of their comfort zone and overcame her fears.

The ongoing repercussions of COVID-19 were a major challenge for Holly's year group, particularly with online learning in Years 10 and 11. However, Holly was able to overcome these challenges through the extra support provided by pre-recorded videos and weekly lesson plans.

Holly is excited to study a double degree in Commerce and Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at the Australian National University in 2023. She also plans to continue her part-time job in retail fashion alongside her studies and is looking forward to joining the workforce full-time after completing her degree.

Rachel Ponnampalam, Class of 2022
Rachel Ponnampalam

Rachel reflects on her time at Burgmann and how it has shaped her into the person she is today. Throughout her 15 years at Burgmann, she was exposed to numerous opportunities and experiences that allowed her to grow and develop.

One of her fondest memories from her school years was participating in the Year 3 Foundation Day, an event she had been eagerly looking forward to since watching her older sister perform in it. Another memorable experience was the impromptu decoration of a brick wall in the last week of school by the year 12 students. This act of bonding and connection with her classmates remains one of her favourite memories.

Despite the numerous positive experiences, Rachel faced a challenge during her transition from Year 10 to Year 11. The academic environment at that time felt heavily focused on competition, leading to academic burnout for Rachel. However, she overcame this challenge by taking a step back from studying and focusing on the people who supported her. Shifting her mindset away from the need for academic validation allowed Rachel to appreciate that the effort she put in reflected in her marks. From here, she allowed herself to enjoy her final years at Burgmann.

Rachel is excited to begin her studies at the Australian National University and to see where a Double Degree in Law and Psychology at the Australian National University takes her. She looks forward to being exposed to a new set of opportunities and experiences as she continues her journey beyond Burgmann.

Alison Riley, Class of 2022
Alison Riley

Alison graduated from Burgmann with a range of experiences and memories. One of her favourite experiences was climbing Mount Kosciuszko on the Year 12 retreat and coaching basketball with her friend Lojine. She also cherished the conversations she had with Mrs McCulloch about her beloved Essendon Football Club.

During her school years, Alison faced some challenges, particularly at the beginning of Year 11, when she was not satisfied with her academic performance and received a lower-than-expected ATAR estimate. However, she was able to overcome these challenges by planning out her study schedule better, asking more questions in class, and switching out of a subject that was not suitable for her. As a result, she was able to achieve an ATAR score that was almost 12 points higher than her initial estimate.

Beyond Burgmann, Alison has exciting plans for her future. She is joining the Australian Public Service as a Career Starter in the Department of Finance, working in the Commercial Investment area. In 2024, she plans to study Economics and Commerce at the Australian National University, taking advantage of the program's study leave and financial assistance options so she can continue to work while studying. She is looking forward to gaining valuable experience in the public service, developing her business skills, and creating a network of contacts.

Jashanjot Singh, Class of 2022
Jashanjot Singh

Jashanjot began his journey with Burgmann in Year 9, and regards the countless memorable experiences that he will cherish for years to come. One of his standouts includes the table tennis fundraiser held with the “undefeated” Mr Clissold. Year 9 camp was another standout, and Jashanjot regards this as the time he would realise the teachers and students at Burgmann were unlike others he had known in the past. During camp he felt genuinely cared for by all and felt that the teachers and cohort showed an unparalleled interest in his aspirations. This support was moving and Jashanjot regards his peers as family as he leaves school.

Although he regards his time at Burgmann well, there are always challenges in new journeys. Jashanjot felt his academic performance struggled as he moved to his new school, due to the change in expectations he found at Burgmann. He quickly realised he would need to put the work in and turned his study habits around with the mindset of making the most of his time at Burgmann. Learning to manage his time required constant effort, but Jashanjot felt that his academic success didn’t come at the expense of his life balance. Rather than attempting to sacrifice his passions during his final years of Senior School, Jashanjot found ways to incorporate them into his newfound routines with study.

Moving forward, Jashanjot is joining UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy in the Defence Civilian Undergraduate Sponsorship Program. He will be studying a Bachelor of Computing and Cyber Security for three years. This will allow him to explore the computing and artificial intelligence field. After completion of this degree, he intends to pursue a career in medicine through a postgraduate pathway. Jashanjot remarks that his plans are fluid and he is open to the opportunities he finds along the way, and excited to embrace the sense of adventure that comes with it.

Dakshin Sridhar, Class of 2022
Dakshin Sridhar

Reflecting on his nine years at Burgmann, Dakshin has many meaningful memories, but one that stands out is from Year 9 commerce, where students participated in the “Twenty-Dollar Boss Program”. This was to create a business with a twenty-dollar budget. His team created a car washing business, and he enjoyed applying classroom knowledge in a practical context. This experience required teamwork and resilience, and the profits were donated to a charity of their choice.

Dakshin faced academic challenges in Years 11 and 12 due to the increased workload and pressure of marks. However, he found the Burgmann environment supportive and sought help from his teachers. With scheduling and goal setting, as well as utilising the available support, Dakshin was able to overcome these challenges.

Dakshin plans to study a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Advanced Computing (Research and Development) offered by ANU's College of Engineering Computing & Cybernetics and the College of Business and Economics. He aims to pursue a career in finance while also utilizing his soft computing skills.

Yuktha Thrimurthy, Class of 2022
Yuktha Thrimurthy

Yuktha’s time at Burgmann was filled with many meaningful experiences and memories. Some of her favourites include Foundation Days in Junior School and the school carnivals over the years. She also thoroughly enjoyed her Economics and Legal Studies classes in Senior School, attributing this to the engaging content and a positive class environment. The Year 12 end-of-year events, including the Year 12 Retreat, helped Yuktha appreciate her personal growth and progress.

Some of the challenges during her school years included a tendency to procrastinate and a lack of faith in herself to achieve her academic goals, but Yuktha was determined to overcome them. She established more discipline in her routine to help her overcome her procrastination. Shifting her mindset towards her academics helped her to improve significantly.

Yuktha is excited to continue her academic journey by studying a flexible double degree in Law and Commerce at the Australian National University. Her passion for law, which was her favourite subject at Burgmann, has inspired her to pursue this path. Yuktha's determination to overcome challenges and her commitment to personal growth have positioned her well for a bright future ahead.

Xin Jie (Jason) Xu, Class of 2022
Jason Xu

Jason has fond memories of his time at Burgmann, including the opportunities to challenge himself and try new things. This allowed him to explore his interests and develop new skills. One of Jason's favourite memories was one of his final classes, when Mr Crncovik held a whole class game of rugby on the oval. This experience showcased the strong relationships that were formed between students and teachers.

Jason faced challenges while at Burgmann, including the stress of studying for his Specialist Mathematics exam, aided by his revisions the night before. He was able to overcome his challenges and feels proud of his accomplishments throughout his school years.

Now, Jason is pursuing a Bachelor of Advanced Computing and Actuarial Studies at the Australian National University. He feels well-prepared for the rigours of university life and is excited to continue exploring his interests and challenging himself. He is confident that his experiences at Burgmann, including the supportive environment and opportunities for growth, will continue to shape and support him in the future.

Lalit Yadav, Class of 2022
Lalit Yadav

Lalit's favourite experiences in school were spent with his friends, mostly in class where they might get a bit too loud and end up giggling like clowns. These moments brought him a lot of joy and are some of his fondest memories.

The challenges Lalit faced were mostly academic, such as trying to achieve a certain score in a class or trying to balance school and life. To overcome these obstacles, he found it helpful to take a step back and give himself a break, allowing him to think more clearly and work through the issues more effectively.

Currently, Lalit is pursuing a Bachelors of Engineering in Software Engineering at the Australian National University and aspires to enter the IT field. He is excited for the future and looks forward to using his skills and knowledge to make a positive impact in the field.