When we look across the school holistically, there is a beautiful network of tendrils that reach out from our students to those in need in our community. It is the pulse that indicates that we have focused not only on the heads, but the hearts of our students.

Our Service Learning and Leadership programs nurture character and values in young people in order for them to make a difference, whether that be in a household, community, region, across the nation or around the world. As an Anglican school, we have many ways to engage our students in Christian ministry, including through the lunchtime Christian groups, Ember and BSalt, and a range of charity activities. Jesus’ message of loving your neighbour as yourself goes hand in hand with enacting charitable actions.

The hope of Burgmann Anglican School is that when our students leave this place they will be people of integrity who engage others with compassion, and advocate for those who do not have a voice for themselves.