We provide a child centred curriculum that is relevant and meaningful, with ongoing opportunities for individualised learning experiences developed in a holistic manner.

Pre-Kindergarten & Junior School (K-Y2)

  • We design rich, varied and engaging learning opportunities that are age appropriate;
  • We implement a comprehensive literacy program that includes guided reading, exposure to, and analysis of, quality literature, and a balance between whole language and phonics approaches to reading, writing and spelling;
  • We implement a mathematics program that incorporates active learning with concrete materials and develops strong foundational numeracy skills;
  • We differentiate our programs so that we are building on each child’s strengths and needs while catering to a range of learning styles;
  • We teach a comprehensive curriculum including active exploration of the Arts, Science, History, Technology and the world around us; as well as specialist lessons in Physical Education, Music, Christian Living and Indonesian;
  • We teach social skills and emotional intelligence explicitly, through a social skills program that explores resilience, inclusivity, and restoration of relationships;
  • We implement a lateral thinking program to develop creative and critical thinking skills.

In addition to classroom teachers, our enrichment teachers and aides work with a range of children from Kindergarten to Year 2 in order to further support the development of literacy and numeracy skills, and to assist students experiencing difficulties learning to read.

Junior School (Y3-Y5)

Year 3 focuses on Changes – changes that we see around us, changes in our landscape, changes in the way that we use inventions and technology, and changes in the different ways that cultures celebrate. It is important that children learn to embrace change and look for the positives in it. In doing so, their resilience is strengthened and they are better equipped to deal with the many changes that will occur in their lives.

Year 4 is a year of Exploring – they begin with a look at early explorers and the impact that white settlement had on Indigenous Australians. They will explore the properties of a variety of materials and test them for their different uses. They will look at how our earth has changed over time and the effect of people on the environment. They will also explore the characteristics of individuals who have made a difference, and reflect on their own role in our world. We hope that the children will be encouraged to explore the possibilities that there are, to be open to trying new ideas and finding new and different ways of doing things.

Year 5 looks at Choices – the focus is on learning to make wise choices. The units are based on the topics of Space, the world, the discovery of gold and technology. Along with our privileged position in the world, the students will see that there are choices to be made. They will begin to see that choices have an impact on themselves and others. As they learn more about the world, they will see the importance of wise choices.

Throughout the Junior School, specific lessons on grammar, spelling, writing and mathematics are also taught, to ensure that students have the skills to question, hypothesise, experiment, problem solve and communicate. Our integrated units include elements of Geography, History, Science, Technology, Personal Development and the Arts.

We support our approach to catering for the whole child through a range of programs and strategies such as:

  • Thinking Skills, a program that develops the child’s ability to think critically and creatively as both an individual and as part of a group;
  • Enrichment staff use a holistic approach to support children who are experiencing difficulties;
  • extension work is provided for children excelling in a particular area;
  • music lessons include every child learning the recorder;
  • technology in the classroom and computer laboratories allow each child to develop ICT skills and access information;
  • the librarian and the classroom teachers work together to develop Information Literacy skills.

Middle School

The Middle School program is contemporary and research-based, designed with an understanding of the specific learning and pastoral needs of young adolescents. Throughout the program students learn through frameworks including both independent and group project-based learning, guided inquiry, action research and active citizenship. The development of dispositions for effective critical and creative thinking is a central aspect of the program.

Each year level is taught by a team of core teachers, specialist teachers and an enrichment staff. Planning learning experiences and monitoring student progress, the Year Level Team provides skills sessions and cooperative learning experiences that enable students to carry out successful investigations, research and experiments. Explicit skill development in core subjects, equip students with the tools they need to successfully complete their projects with an appropriate level of rigour.

Differentiation to meet the needs of a wide range of learners is a strength of our curriculum. The enrichment teachers ensure that the learning programs are accessible to students at all levels, and also address specific remediation or extension needs through special withdrawal or in-class programs.

Specialist subjects are offered on a semester-based rotation, encouraging students to explore a variety of subjects in The Arts, Technologies and Languages. These subjects are taught by staff with the appropriate skills and expertise. In Year 8, students select two electives each semester.

By the end of Middle School, students have a good understanding of their own gifts and strengths, they have a positive outlook and are prepared for the challenges and opportunities of Senior School. They are empowered learners who have developed a love of learning that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Middle School students have an understanding of themselves, their surroundings and their spirituality.

Senior School

The curriculum for Year 9 and Year 10 students provides a balanced program which encompass the requirements of the Australian Curriculum. All students throughout Years 9 and 10 study English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Health and Physical Education and Christian Living. In addition, students undertake to two elective subjects.

For Year 11 and Year 12 students the final two years of schooling are exciting and fulfilling. We provide a program of study that offers a wide range of subjects and is broadly academic in perspective. In this way, we aim to give our students the best possible platform for entry into tertiary study or the workforce.

Information, handbooks and assessment calendars for Senior School students and parents are now provided in our portal which is accessible via the Portals tab at the top of the page. Further details regarding portal login have been provided to parents via email. Please refer to recent newsletters for more information.