Our Vision

To partner with families in raising a generation of children who are strong, capable and resilient people, rich with wonder and knowledge.

Our Mission

Burgmann Anglican School has a covenant with the Gungahlin Anglican Church to present the gospel of Christ in the school community.

With this covenant in mind the mission of the school, including the Early Learning Centre is to:

  • provide an educational environment that challenges and inspires each child to achieve their personal potential in intellectual, ethical, aesthetic, emotional, social and physical development;
  • meet individual and common needs by providing a creative and balanced curriculum which aims to produce excellence within a Christian framework.

We believe that each child is a unique individual created by God with their own special gifts, strengths, and needs.

Our Philosophy

Our Early Learning Centre philosophy impacts on our core values which aim to:

  • provide a supportive and inspirational learning environment which responds to the child's needs in all aspects of their learning;
  • engage the child in their own learning to develop their curiosity;
  • assist children with understanding their world and who they are in it, through both intentional and spontaneous experiences.
  • foster an atmosphere of innovation, risk-taking, creativity and inquiry;
  • model Christian behaviours of perseverance, temperance, care, respect, acceptance and forgiveness;
  • develop a sense of community and belonging to each other;
  • provide an aesthetically pleasing environment through the design and layout of learning environments;
  • encourage parents, as children’s first educators, to form a partnership with the Early Learning Centre.

We want to support people who are searching for meaning and are looking for a place where their children will be cared for and educated in an environment built upon Christian values.

We want to provide staff with a place to work that supports them as people, inspires excellence and encourages innovation and creativity.