Our Vision

To partner with families in raising a generation of children who are strong, capable and resilient people, rich with wonder and knowledge.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a supportive educational environment that challenges, inspires and empowers each child and young person to achieve their potential, within a Christian framework.

Our Philosophy

Our Early Learning Centre philosophy impacts on our core values which aim to:

  • provide learning environments which respond to, and maximise, children’s voices, agency, development, needs, diversity and culture;
  • support children in creating ownership of their learning and develop curiosity;
  • assist children to connect with their world and their place within it, through both intentional and spontaneous experiences;
  • foster an atmosphere of innovation, risk-taking, creativity and inquiry through the use of natural resources and sustainable practices;
  • model Christian behaviours of perseverance, temperance, care, respect, acceptance and forgiveness;
  • develop a sense of community and belonging to each other;
  • provide inclusive learning environments through the use of flexible, age appropriate resources and spaces, supporting and promoting a range of capabilities; and
  • encourage families, as children’s first educators, to form a partnership with the Early Learning Centre.

We seek to provide a place where children will be cared for and educated, in an environment built upon the Christian values of Burgmann Anglican School.

We want to provide staff with a place to work that values a culture of reflective practice and development as professionals, collaborating to support children’s learning and development.