At Burgmann Anglican School, we offer an extensive program beyond the classroom, including a diverse co-curricular program, and strong service and leadership opportunities that ensure the development of the whole child.

At Burgmann, we recognise the crucial role of holistic learning experiences. We go beyond the classroom, offering a diverse range of opportunities to our students. Our comprehensive co-curricular program, extended learning options, and leadership development initiatives are just a few examples of the many avenues we provide for growth and development.

We understand that effective learning goes hand in hand with challenges and support. That's why we encourage our Burgmann students to embark on exciting and unexpected journeys, where they can discover their abilities, values, passions, and responsibilities. By fostering a culture of personal growth beyond the classroom, we aim to develop not only excellent students but also kind-hearted individuals.

Burgmann values the power of collaboration and contribution. We believe in the strength of unity, and we encourage our students to work together as they strive to achieve goals that transcend their individual selves. By experiencing the rewards of collective effort, our students learn the value of collaboration and the fulfillment that comes from making a positive impact within a larger community.