Burgmann Anglican School is committed to providing an educational environment that challenges and inspires each student to achieve personal potential in intellectual, ethical, aesthetic, emotional, social and physical development.


The School is committed to its belief that young people are unique individuals created by God with their own strengths, weaknesses, gifts and needs. We value each individual student and strive to build a culture of respect, fairness, caring, compassion and service as students journey through their adolescence and into their early adulthood.

As a Senior School we respond to the changing needs of our students and the context in which they live; taking into account their increased level of maturity, as well as their greater need and ability to be independent and to make their own life decisions. Building on their Middle School experiences we continue to engage students in their own learning, encouraging them to further develop as resilient individuals who value community and understand their roles of service within it. It is important that we prepare students for their ACT Year 10 and Year 12 Certificates, but we do this in a context that values reflection and spiritual growth, where success is measured by more than academic results.

In the classroom, the learning and teaching practices focus on skill and knowledge acquisition, as well as other important learner characteristics such as critical and deep thinking, program solving and creativity. The Senior School Continues to value and include negotiation, discussion and debate, various methods of inquiry, projects and research as fundamental elements of teaching and learning; working towards our quest to develop self-motivated, discerning and responsible life-long learners.

More information about Senior School can be found in the Senior School Handbook.

Extended Library Hours for Senior School Students

Monday - Thursday 3.15 - 6.00pm
Friday 3.15 - 5.00pm