Burgmann Anglican School (Burgmann) welcomes feedback from all members of the school community and takes seriously any complaints or concerns that may be raised. This Complaints and Dispute Resolution Guide is designed to assist you to understand our complaints and dispute resolution process.


A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction made to Burgmann related to our services or operations, or the complaints handling process itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected.


Burgmann is committed to handling complaints effectively and efficiently, which includes the establishment of an online complaints management system which allows us to more effectively capture, manage and report on complaints. Regular analysis of complaints received and the implementation of rectification action, where deficiencies are identified, are key to the Burgmann’s commitment.


The vast majority of issues causing concern in schools come from misunderstandings or incomplete understandings. In the vast majority of cases these issues can be resolved either through informal discussions with appropriate staff members. Notwithstanding that an issue may be able to be resolved informally we encourage all staff to log issues through our complaints management system in order that we are able to identify any systemic issues arising and take appropriate rectification action.


If you have been unable to resolve a matter informally, or simply wish to make a formal

complaint you can do so by any of the following means:

  1. Preferred method is to lodge your formal complaint through our Complaints Register HERE.
  2. Forwarding an email to complaints@burgmann.act.edu.au.
  3. Writing a letter to the School addressed to “The Complaints Manager”.
  4. Telephoning the School and asking to speak to your child’s Head of Sub-school.

All formal complaints will be logged into our online complaints management system and managed in accordance with the following procedure.


STEP 1: All formal complaints are logged on our online complaints management system where they are screened by a senior member of staff, or in the case of complaints against the Principal by a member of the School Board.

STEP 2: All valid complaints will be acknowledged in writing, as soon as practicable, and allocated a status, priority and target resolution date. It is our policy where possible to resolve all disputes within 14 days.

STEP 3: The Complaints Manager shall conduct an investigation into the issues raised, following principles of procedural fairness, and make a determination.

STEP 4: Following the determination, if appropriate the Complaints Manager shall formulate a resolution and provide a written response to the complainant. The matter will be closed if this response is accepted.

STEP 5: If the initial response is not acceptable the matter will be reviewed internally by the Principal’s office, which may seek additional information or submissions from the relevant parties. The review process shall seek to resolve all disputes within 30 days from the date that the review process is initiated. The matter will be closed if the response by the Principal’s Office is accepted.

STEP 6: All complaints received will be entered on our Complaints Register and where appropriate a corrective action request will be raised.

STEP 7: If the matter remains unresolved after the appeals process (Step 5) the complainant may pursue external resolution alternatives.


Confidentiality applies with respect to both information relating to the person making the complaint, and, if relevant to a person against whom a complaint is made. Burgmann is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of information throughout the complaints process.

Personally identifiable information about a complainant will only be made available for the purpose of addressing the complaint and (unless the complainant consents) will be actively protected from disclosure.