Healthy body, healthy mind. The IceBurg Cafe provides nourishing food for growing bodies with Go for Green options like fresh fruit, interesting salads, hot and cold vegan and vegetarian choices, and baked goods prepared fresh on site.

The Iceburg Cafe is located on the Valley Campus and provides healthy and well balanced food choices for students and staff at both campuses. With indoor and outdoor seating, the Cafe is also a social connection hub for Senior students and acts as a flexible learning space for some study and reflection.

The vertical garden created by younger students as part of their learning and service program provides fresh herbs for the kitchen. Older students have the opportunity of working in the Cafe as part of an 'on the job experience' program providing a connection to curriculum and service learning.

The Cafe plays an important role in educating and supporting student learning by promoting healthy eating and modelling good behaviours around the consumption of food, the application of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, and demonstrating leadership in recycling and waste reduction.

The Rebound Cup program reduces waste by incentivising the use of BYO cups and the Recycled Bottle program is used by students as a source of funds for Charity and Giving service initiatives. Single use plastics have been phased out in place of biodegradable take away containers, cutlery and straws. All food waste is part of a composting cycle for return to the school gardens.

The menu has a 'red light, green light' system to help students gauge good, healthy options against 'sometimes foods'. This assists students to make wise decisions about their health and diet choices.

The menu includes a range of wraps, salads, sushi and sandwiches. A range of breakfast items, sweet treats and health snacks are also provided but in smaller quantities.

ACT National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines

Online Ordering

Burgmann uses an online ordering system for canteen lunches called Flexischools. The system is easy to use and very convenient - you can order in advance or up to 8:30am of the relevant day.

Advantages of Flexischools:

  • easy ordering system
  • pre-paid online - students don't need cash
  • you can place orders from home, work or school
How does it work?

Parents simply register an account by going to and filling in your details, including the student's name and class. Parents then add funds into a pre-paid account to be spent on lunch orders.

Parents or students can then log in a place orders at a convenient time. You can specify ingredients and the system remembers your favourite foods.

Each order is sent automatically to the kitchen, where an easy to read label is produced with the child's name, class and order details and the food is freshly prepared.

What does it cost?

It's free to register and the online menu is the same price as the usual menu. There is a fee of 29 cents for each online order to cover the costs of labels and printing.