How do I register my child at Burgmann?

To place a child’s name on the waiting list, you can utilise our Online Registration Form. Alternatively, you can download a registration form. Once completed, send the form to our Admissions Administrator with your choice of payment option. Please note that cash payments are only accepted at the Valley Campus. A letter of confirmation and receipt will be mailed to you.

What is the cost to register a child at Burgmann?

Please refer to the Fee Schedule on the Fees Page for the current registration fee.

Do I get my money back if my child does not gain a place?

The registration fee is non-refundable and is not a deposit. It is not part of the enrolment fee or subsequent fees charged at the school.

Does Burgmann offer scholarships to students?

No. We are a non-selective school and entry is based on the date a child was registered on our waiting lists.

If I register my child early, is my child guaranteed a place?

No, registration does not guarantee a place.

Can I still register even if I am new to Canberra or didn’t register when my child was young?

The option to register a child at Burgmann is entirely up to each family.

When is the best time to place my child on a waiting list?

As soon after the child is born is the best time as offers for places are based on the original date a child was registered with the school.

Can I place my unborn child on a list?

No. A child must be born with his/her name and actual date of birth supplied in order to be processed for registration.

What age can my child start at Burgmann?

Our Preschool program is a 2-year program. Children wishing to enter 3-year-old Preschool at the beginning of the year need to have turned 3 by 31 January of the year of entry.

Children turning 3 between 31 January and 30 April may be offered a place subject to our normal enrolment requirements. Children can not start prior to turning 3 and full fees must be paid to hold the place until the child turns 3.

Children wishing to enter Kindergarten need to have turned 5 by 30 April of the year of entry.

When are your intake years?

3 Year Old Preschool


Year 9

Year 11

Entry in non intake years is limited.

What grades do you have at Valley and Forde?

Valley                                                           Forde

Early Childhood (3 Pre – year 2)       Early Childhood (3 Pre – year 2)

Junior School (year 3 – 5)                    Middle School (year 6 – 8)

Senior School (year 9 – 12)

How long is the waiting list?

We do not disclose the length of our waiting lists. Early Childhood year levels are our most popular entry points and therefore have the longest waiting lists.

Can I register for more than one waiting list?

No. A child can only be on one waiting list. If your child is unsuccessful in gaining a place at the requested year level, the child’s name will roll across to each successive year maintaining the original date of registration.

Does Burgmann accept paying international students?

No, Burgmann does not have the necessary registration with CRICOS to be able to accept students from overseas. For students travelling on other visa classes, please refer to the Department of Education website.

Do I need to do anything else once my child is registered such as phone the school from time to time to see how my child’s name is going?

Please keep us up to date with your contact details. Changes need to be notified to the Admissions Administrator in writing via email to admissions@burgmann.act.edu.au. A confirmation email for your records will be sent to you once the requested changes have been made. Otherwise you do not need to contact the school. The Admissions Administrator will contact you if and when a place becomes available. If you wish to change the entry point for your child, please email the Admissions Administrator.

What happens if I am made an offer and I don’t accept it?

If a prospective student is offered a place that they do not take up, their Registration date will be changed to the date that they decline the offer; or the date the offer expired if they do not respond.

Can I have a look at the school before I register?

Tours of the school are held on Wednesday at the Valley campus and Thursday at the Forde campus throughout the school term. Please click here for dates and to make a booking. Individual tours are not catered for.

When will I know if I have a place for my child?

The enrolment process starts the year before the proposed year of entry, and up to two years before entry for Kindergarten. Offers and enrolment packs are mailed out to families and then the process continues throughout the year. The Admissions Administrator will offer places in chronological order of registration date, maintaining a balance of male and female students in each year group.