Week 10

Final week of Term 1

It has been a busy week, albeit a final one for the term. The student assessment load has been heavy and they have triumphed and earned a rest! It is true that some subjects have tasks due early in Term 2, although with our four weeks of term time required as notice, well organised students can still get a decent break from the rigours of learning. We enjoyed a wonderful Easter service on Tuesday, the Year 10/11 group departed for China and students represented the school at the Zone Swimming carnival. I extend my sincere thanks to all staff, students and parents for their collective hard work and endeavour to make this learning environment the best it can be for all students, no matter what their story is. It is indeed a privilege to lead such an amazing group of people!

Parent Teacher Night

Thank you to staff and families for embracing the first parent teacher night, but remember there are two further events early next term. Staff on the China Trip are available for both nights next term. These are always fruitful and constructive events and further meetings are sometimes requested if matters were not resolved or fully explored in the 5 minute meeting time itself. We are always available for follow up meetings for parents as required, and meetings may be made either through the Senior School Office or with the staff member directly.

Portal for Parents

It is an exciting time for parents as we launch the Portal, and it is clear that many parents have already explored it and are using it regularly. Information that was previously on the website is gradually being moved to the portal, so soon the website will be targeted at external visitors, not current students and parents. This is a time of transition for all parents, and you are encouraged to use the search function of the portal to hopefully find what you are looking for!! Contact the school if you are experiencing difficulty.

Ben Harris
Head of Senior School

Term 2 Start Date and Winter Uniform

Please note that Term 2 2017 will commence on Wednesday 26 April due to the ANZAC Day Public Holiday on Tuesday 25 April. Students are to return to school in full winter uniform.

Motivation - Carrot or Stick

Are you a ‘carrot’ or a ‘stick’ person?

Knowing whether you are motivated by avoiding pain and the pressure of consequences or by achieving pleasure and rewards can help you (and your parents) work out the best way for you to be motivated to do your work for school.

The concept comes from the idea that to make a donkey move forward you can either tempt it with a carrot (a reward) or threaten it with a stick (a punishment).

Now, we are not saying that you are a donkey! But we are saying that different things motivate different people.

You are likely to be more of a ‘carrot’ person if you:

  • tend to be focused on achieving goals
  • make lots of plans and lists for yourself
  • find the concepts of rewards and prizes very motivating
  • often have a clear picture of what you want to achieve

You are likely to be more of a ‘stick’ person if you:

  • tend to leave things to the last minute
  • put off unpleasant tasks
  • prefer to do things when you ‘feel’ like it rather than when you plan it
  • like the idea of rewards but aren’t keen on doing the work to achieve them

If you are a ‘carrot’ person, you can get yourself motivated to do the work by breaking down the task, setting targets and goals and making plans. The thought of getting a good mark or achieving a prize is very motivating for you. Your parents can motivate you further by offering rewards for achievements!

If you are a ‘stick’ person, you find it harder to get yourself motivated to do the work. You are more likely to work when you focus on the consequences of NOT working. When you are putting things off, spend a minute or so brainstorming all of the outcomes if you do not get started on the work. Then decide the first 3 most important things for you to do. Don’t worry about the rest at this stage, just focus on the top 3.

For parents of ‘stick’ children, these students may often require more micro-management. Students may need help in determining what they are going to work on, and parents may need to then check in every half hour or so to ensure students are staying on task. These students will be more motivated by negative consequences such as removal of technology or other privileges if outlined working conditions are not met. However it is a good idea to always balance the introduction of consequences for not doing the work with rewards for doing it! This may not be the driving force for their motivation, but positive reinforcement for doing the right thing can lead to really good outcomes.

For students who get frustrated with themselves being ‘stick’ people and leaving things until the last minute, you can start to move towards becoming more of a ‘carrot’ person. Identify some of your ‘carrot’ friends, and start to model their behaviour. Ask if you can plan the work together and check in regularly with each so you stay on track. It is possible to switch from one modality to another! However no-one can make you do it, you need to want to change and then you need to work towards switching your mindset.

You can learn more about how to get motivated at www.studyskillshandbook.com.au by logging in with the details below and working through some of the units, particularly the unit on MOTIVATION. On the Things to Print page are some useful handouts for parents and students about how to build motivation.

Username: burgmann

Password: 4success

Cath Amesbury
Director of Wellbeing

Invitation to Year 8 and Year 9 Families

Parents and carers of Year 8 & 9 students have been mailed a personal invitation from Steven Bowers to attend a presentation on Monday 1 May 2017.

Dr Justin Coulson, renowned across Australia for his expertise in parenting and for his practical, relevant presentations, will be speaking on "The Opportunities and Perils of Social Media."

Please reserve your complimentary seat for this event through Trybooking.

SS Excursions and Events

Below is a list of the upcoming excursions and events in date order.

Full details are now located in the Portal Calendar.

Please go to the appropriate date and click on the event for full details, including links to notes, on the excursion or other event.

Senior School Important Dates 2017 - click for a pdf document listing this year's important dates.

8 December - Yr 9 & 11 reports posted to families
12 December - ATARs available from 3pm (from Mrs Kreskas)
12 December - Year 12 Graduation, 7.00pm
15 December - ATARs available from UAC website or app

Mon 5 February - Year 10 Orientation, 8.35am - 10.15am
Mon 5 February - Year 9 Orientation, 10.45am - 2.30pm
Mon 5 February - Year 9 Parent & PC Tutor Interviews, 2.30pm - 4.30pm
Tue 6 February - Year 11 Orientation, 9.00am - 12.00pm
Tue 6 February - Year 12 Orientation, 11.00am - 12.45pm
Wed 7 February - First day of Term 1 classes
8-9 February - Year 11 Camp

Any questions regarding Senior School Excursions and Events should be directed to Megan Davis.