P&F News

Hello again,
Firstly I’d like to say a very warm welcome to Jade Deveney and Jennifer Bell who have volunteered to share the role of the P&F Secretary. Thank you to you both- the Committee would have struggled without your support.

Thank you also to Joel Anderson, Alison Easey and Hannah Robinson for providing an information session on the Portal and school IT systems at our last P&F meeting.

The school is in the process of planning and implementing a new online learning environment that integrates a staff intranet, student learning management system and parent portal. A significant amount of content is already available for parents and older students, and new material is being added regularly. New future possibilities are also being explored.

The following summarises some of the key points raised during the information session.

For Students:

  • Senior School commenced using the Portal replacing Edmodo and a number of other programs. Middle School is currently piloting selected classes, preparing for further use in 2018.
  • The portal is used by staff to provide notices and information to students.
  • The aim is to have all Middle and Senior School classes operating with a portal page by 2018. 

For Parents:

  • We recommend parents use the portal calendar rather than the website, as it has more functions than the website calendar for details about upcoming events.
  • The portal will provide parents with visibility of different tiers of information covering whole-school, sub-school, year level and individual child. 
  • The portal is available to all parents and log on details have been emailed to all families. If you require portal support or assistance logging on please email portal@burgmann.act.edu.au
  •  The portal is now the primary source of information for the School Community.
  • There are two Burgmann apps. One is a ‘mobile-friendly’ version of the public website (no password required). The second is linked with the portal providing personalised information, and requires a login/password. Parents don’t yet have access to this app. Stay tuned for more information on when this is released.
  •  The Assessment Alert app is no longer used.

For the community:
Burgmann website will be used primarily to promote the school, with the portal used for information relevant to families of current students.

The school will continue to advise parents of changes and additional functions moving forward.

If you have any questions  please contact Joel Anderson bm@burgmann.act.edu.au
Lastly, the Committee has started the conversation about where and how to spend the P&F money. We look forward to continuing this discussion at the next meeting.

Until next time.

Kind regards,
Michelle Murphy
President P&F

Email: pandf@burgmann.act.edu.au

P&F Entertainment Book Fundraiser

The P&F are selling the 2017/2018 Entertainment Book.

You can order and pay by credit card online via this link: www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbooks/241x96

Books will be delivered to the child’s class that you nominate when you order your book online. Once again you have the option of a digital membership where you don’t have a book but have a smartphone app to use. This had the advantage of always having the details and offers on hand.

Please contact Wendy Kennedy on 0439 516 017 or by email at wendy.kennedy09@gmail.com if you need more information.