Every five years independent schools are formally registered. This is substantially a compliance process led by the Department of Education and Training in the ACT to ensure that each independent school meets legislative requirements.

Each school submits considerable documentation which the Education Directorate and a panel of educators from public, catholic and independent schools evaluate. The panel of six, including panel Chair, Mrs Julie Murkins Principal Tuggeranong College, convened yesterday at our school. Whilst the process is not yet complete they particularly enjoyed wandering the school and meeting students, staff and some parents.

Ultimately, the panel recommends (or not) to the Minister for Education and Training that each school is compliant.

Having six experienced colleagues in our school is a great privilege and they informally passed on several comments about the school which included:

  • A well run purposeful school where pedagogy (way we teach) is supporting the needs of the students;
  • Observed staff were committed to the ‘Burgmann’ way – without being parochial;
  • Passionate teachers across the school;
  • Intentional move away from reactive welfare to proactive wellbeing
  • Trust in the wisdom of the leadership team.

Many staff have been working towards the panel’s visit for some time by reviewing policies, enhancing procedures and ensuring our curriculum documentation is appropriate. The Executive team and many teaching and support staff have worked tirelessly.  I especially wish to acknowledge Mr Joel Anderson for his arduous work, particularly over the past 12 months.

These are only some aspects of the registration process and I am especially grateful to the maintenance staff and Mrs Kelly Robbins for ensuring the school was well prepared for the panel visit. Thank you to those staff and students who informally met members of the panel.

The panel enjoyed their visit. I await their final determination which will be in several months.

Steven Bowers