Finding our place

Our students are on a journey. We want our students to achieve from an academic perspective. We want them to achieve beyond their expectations through hard work and perseverance. We want to them to experience discomfort but not distress. Our staff carefully construct lessons to reinforce knowledge and shape curious creative problem solving. Through inquiry and open ended tasks our students learn how to learn. Learning to problem solve, individually and as part of a team, is an aim of a Burgmann education.

Another measure of the schools aims is how willing our students are to contribute to society?

Daily, I observe students participating in a range of activities which test themselves, and, sometimes others, in understanding and contributing to our society. This week our Senior School students, in support of those who are homeless in Canberra, slept in the school gymnasium. On a very cold Canberra night these students were reminded of the harshness many people experience on a daily basis. Each student ‘purchased’ cardboard and other such ‘comforts’ by providing cans of food for Anglicare. The more cans the more ‘comforts’. For the last few years our students have embraced this annual appeal and in a practical way developed some understanding of the challenges many people face.

A measure of how successful the school is in this aim are our alumni. Whether they are university graduates, defence personnel, tradesman, public servants or any number of other occupations, our alumni carry with them the spirit of community and contributing to society.

This week I was contacted by a former student who is part of a team, which includes three Burgmann alumni, involved in a project for their final year of an engineering degree at ANU. Their aim is to create a leg enclosure for paraplegic sit skier, Sam Tait, who hopes to compete at the 2018 Winter Olympics. I am delighted to offer support to these talented and dedicated young men who continue the Burgmann spirit well beyond their school years.

I congratulate Chris Zhang, James Spollard and Redg Mathur on this project and wish them, and Sam, success. Further details on the project can be found in the Community section of this newsletter.

Steven Bowers