Last Saturday night I was delighted to attend the Australian Combined Schools Music Festival at Parliament House. A group of selected Burgmann students were invited to be included in the orchestra or choir and after 3 days of workshops, the performance on the night was superb. This was a tremendous opportunity for our students and I was completely in awe of the talent showcased.

The learning opportunity for our students, the experience of both working with such renowned and experienced conductors and musicians, and working towards a common goal with music students from schools around the country, was invaluable. I spoke with some of our students earlier this week and they were fulsome in their praise for the program and exhilarated from their performances on Saturday night at Parliament House.

Last night our music department held the Winter Concert at Heyward Hall and it was wonderful to see so many parents and families in attendance. The Winter Concert provides an opportunity for our very talented music students to share their joy, passion and skill on their chosen instrument with family and friends. I congratulate all the participants, not only for a wonderful performance, but also for their fortitude and courage as they shared their talent with the audience.

Well done!

Thank you to Mrs Sandra Taylor, Director of Music, and Mrs Robynne Furini for their commitment to ensuring both these events showcased our students’ talents.

I wish all our students an enjoyable and safe holiday break in readiness for another busy term of learning.

Steven Bowers