Increasingly, it is difficult not to be aware of the changing world around us. Without supporting one political perspective, it is important to reflect on the way in which (some of) our political leaders lead discussions and conversations.

It is impossible within a community to agree on every issue. Therefore, we need a basis on which to disagree.

A young adult was interested in a particular organisation. The mature people in the organisation made quick judgements based on answers to a few questions for all new members. Based on their reply, individuals were judged to either support or oppose this particular group. There was no gray. There was no persuasive argument. There was only ‘you are with us’ or ‘you are against us’. The end result was two diametrically opposed groups who ultimately were very unkind to each other and could barely be in the same room.

This is an important lesson.

As a school it is essential to understand that we need to respect each individual within our community.

The aims of our school are clear. We aim to encourage our students to do and be the best people they are able to be. We want our students to strive for their best both from an academic perspective and in their support of others. Character development is important and learning about our own strengths (and frailties) so that we can contribute productively within a team has never been so important.

How we relate to each other does matter. We must learn how to respectfully disagree. We should not disrespect others. This is especially challenging when we may be wronged. However, these are the moments that our character is forged and the success of these aims determined. While challenging, I encourage all in our community not to be drawn into personal vitriol.

How disarming to acknowledge personal strengths of another with whom you disagree. Hopefully, through respect, and therefore being able to agree to disagree, enables conversations to continue.

Our young people are learning how to live; what they think and how to argue.

I encourage all in our school community to be positive role models for our students lest our students copy those most prominent as their example.

R - remember

E - especially

S - serve

P - people

E - everyday

C - carefully

T - together

‘Since God so loved us, we ought to love one another.’

1 John 4:11

Mr Alex Abecina – Ordination

Mr Alex Abecina, our School Chaplain, will be ordained as a Deacon this Sunday 12 February 2017 at the 7pm evening service at Gungahlin Anglican Church (Grace Chapel). Mr Abecina has been working towards this decision over many years and has been in recent discussions with Bishop Matt Brain. This is an important occasion and any student, parent or staff member who wishes to attend this special service are most welcome.


The co-curricular program is designed to encourage our students to explore and pursue interests beyond the classroom whether it be in sport, music, debating or service awards. As the winter sports program and rehearsals for music ensembles begin, I would like parents to consider the wellbeing benefits of these activities for your children and encourage you to contact the school if you would like further information about our program.

Steven Bowers