Looking to the future

Burgmann is a fiscally strong, young and vibrant Anglican School which has grown rapidly since its inception with 24 enrolments in 1999.  We are now in the final stages of completing the next chapter in Master Planning of both our Forde and Valley Campuses.  This plan, within the context of the School’s Strategic Plan, aims to inform and position the School’s campus development over the next 10 to 20 years.  We are thankful for the partnership with Cox Architects in assisting with the development of this creative and bold plan and we look forward to sharing our vision with the School community in early Term 4. 

Commonwealth school funding has received significant media coverage over recent months. As a result of the recent passing of the Australian Education Amendment Bill 2017, Burgmann’s annual commonwealth recurrent funding over the next 10 years has now been reduced by $11,392,100.  This amount does not include the previously legislated annual funding increase of 3%. 

School’s face challenges and opportunities daily.  The reduction in government funding is a significant challenge, however, the School Board is united in navigating this unexpected change to seek new opportunities.   The School, in response, has been considering ways to transition our operations to provide additional income streams while maintaining and building upon the current services offered to our broader community.  It is our intention over the coming weeks, commencing with the announcement of our 2018 fee schedule by the end of the term, to announce a series of new opportunities and services to support families going forward.  

This is an especially exciting era for the school. Opportunities abound. 

A major factor in the development of the school is a supportive and positive culture. This in no small way can be attributed to those very first staff, students and parents who worked so tirelessly to ensure that our school culture encourages our students to be characteristically kind, considerate, polite and respectful to each other and the many supporting adults around them; teachers, parents and other members of the community. This is something we ought not take for granted and defend rigorously when challenged.

It is a privilege to work alongside committed professionals, parents and young people so eager to shape their world for the better. 

As future plans are shared with the broader school community over the next term, I invite any parents to contact me or Mr Joel Anderson for further clarity.

The ACT Scaling Test (AST) 
Next week Year 12 students across Canberra will sit the ACT Scaling Test.  The three sections, multiple choice, short answer and an extended written task are held over two days. The purpose of these tests are to assist the Board of Secondary School Studies (BSSS) to determine relativities between schools and rank order of students within schools.

The staff have worked assiduously with students over the past 18 months in providing feedback about each section of the trial tests. The students have prepared diligently for these tests and I wish them every success next week. I am sure they will all breathe a sigh of relief when this aspect of their formal schooling is complete.

Spring Concert
The music department is busy preparing for The Spring Concert to be held on Wednesday 13 September. This night is an opportunity for our music students to share their passion and talents for their chosen instrument with family, friends and the wider community. I encourage families to attend what is sure to be an entertaining and inspiring evening. Full details for the event can be found in the Music section of the Newsletter. 

Fathers' Day
My best wishes to the fathers in our Burgmann community for a joyous Fathers' Day on Sunday. 

Steven Bowers