Blazers for ANZAC Dawn Service

Due to a slight delay in the delivery of Blazers, new students or students requiring a new size who will be representing the school at the AWM Anzac Day Dawn Service, are advised to wear the school jumper without a blazer and a conservatively coloured (blue or black) warm coat. We look forward to seeing students and their parents at this special event.

Defence Special Needs Support Group

Each state and territory has support groups to assist families of children with special needs, providing support and information at a local level.

In addition to locality specific support, they also offer posting plans, national parent to parent network links, access to grants as well as computers for kids information.

All Defence families are encouraged to review the information. If you wish to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact Brooke James, Defence Transition Mentor at

Please find attached further information about these programs.
Support Groups
Program Brochure

Kookaburra Kids

Please find attached information regarding a new Defence program aimed at supporting children of serving and ex-serving members with PTSD.

Defence Camp Referral Information
Kookaburra Kids Defence Program

Deployment & time apart

If you would like to receive regular contact during your family member’s deployment, you must register with the Defence Family Helpline on 1800 624 608.

Families can access a range of support during the ADF member’s absence. We provide regular deployment support calls, 24-hour advice and referrals, social work, and assistance with emergency and crisis, as well as special assistance for children dealing with parental absence. The member’s unit is also there to help and will run programs of support for you.

You can also read about maintaining your mental health and wellbeing during challenging times.

DCO provides a range of support services, practical assistance and products to support Defence families during times of deployment and family member absence.

Time apart from families due to deployments, training or other Service requirements is an integral feature of Defence life. Our services seek to inform and prepare you for these times and provide you with support to make these experiences manageable, positive and strengthening ones for your family.

By being informed, preparing and planning, and employing coping strategies, both children and adults can use the challenge of deployment as an opportunity to step up and face new responsibilities, mature and grow, and develop their self-reliance and self-confidence.

To access any of these deployment support services or products, contact the all-hours Defence Family Helpline on or 1800 624 608.

Some other useful links include:

Before Deployment

During deployment, time apart & reunion

Support for families during deployment