The School is aware of the listing by ACT Health of Gold Creek School and Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School as exposure sites and understands you may have concerns about the status of our school.

Burgmann Anglican School is not currently listed as an exposure site.

As the ACT is in lockdown, Burgmann Anglican School is already closed except for supervised learning support for children of essential workers. Burgmann Online will commence from Monday 16 August 2021.

Should this situation change, we will advise our parents and staff via our official communication channels, the Portal and direct email.

ACT Health regularly updates the listing of exposure sites. If you or your family have been to any listed exposure locations at the dates and times specified, including Gold Creek School and Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School, you should monitor for symptoms, quarantine and/or get tested for COVID-19 as advised by ACT Health.

If you are directed by ACT Health to get tested for COVID-19 or to isolate at any time, we urge our community to follow those directions.

The best action we can all take is to stay locked down and limit our movements for this seven day period. If you feel unwell, get tested. If you are able to, get vaccinated.

To keep our community safe, follow ACT Health directions and advice at all times.