SS Wellbeing

The Senior School wellbeing program aims to meet age-specific needs of students and to support them to transition smoothly from early adolescence to young adulthood. The need for belonging and to find one’s passion are crucial as students commence their time with us. Contemplation, reflection and action are central to the growth of character, as is the need to be challenged. A Burgmann Anglican School graduate will ideally demonstrate values of trust, integrity and courage and should have a healthy sense of curiosity.

Our program has firm boundaries and structure, supporting young people to make responsible decisions as they seek independence and greater autonomy. Senior School aims to establish a strong sense of self and a sensitive awareness of others, an ability to be a strong team player and an active member of the school and broader community. We promote good self-care routines, raise awareness of teenage mental health issues and hold workshops, presentations and forums to share information responsibly and to conduct rigorous discussions. The promotion of well-being is crucial to model positive strategies for our young people to navigate their own challenges effectively, whilst also having resources available to assist individuals when required.

Pastoral Care (PC) Tutors are primarily responsible for the daily care of each student and meet with their student group regularly each week. Parents should always notify the PC Tutor if there are any issues to follow up. Each Head of House oversees the students in their House, in coordination with the PC Tutor. Each year students participate in a camp or retreat that provides opportunities beyond regular school activities to build resilience and relationships.