As an Anglican school our approach to ministry is grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ, which shapes and informs all that we do. Our ministry activities also help to support Burgmann’s broader well-being approach, which is centred on The Christian Life.

Chapel Services
Burgmann students participate in weekly chapel services, coordinated by the school Chaplains, which aim to be both enjoyable, interactive and contemplative. Students of all backgrounds will find that chapel is a welcoming environment in which all can participate. Students can expect to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of The Christian Life through Bible talks, prayer and silent reflection, music, guest speakers, and special presentations. We annually hold two major services (Easter and Christmas), to which all in our community are invited to attend. Please check the school calendar for details.

Christian Living
Ministry takes place in the classroom mainly through weekly Christian Living classes. In Kindergarten students become familiar with the basic stories of the Bible. In Senior School they learn how the Bible fits together as an integrated whole. Students explore, in a respectful and open-minded setting, the relevance of the biblical story to all of life, whether intellectually, spiritually or ethically.

Lunchtime Cru Groups
Through our lunchtime Ministry groups students may volunteer to participate in opportunities to explore the Christian Life beyond the classroom. These groups are: GULP Cru (Junior School), EMBER Cru (Middle School), and B-SALT Cru (Senior School). Our lunchtime groups share a formal link with Crusaders Union, who support us with a variety of teaching resources and guest speakers. Crusaders also co-ordinate opportunities to meet with other school lunchtime groups through their Inter-Cru events, and FIT Servant Leadership training days. Please check Crusaders website for further information.

Gungahlin Anglican Church
Burgmann has a special relationship with the ministry of Gungahlin Anglican Church (GAC), with whom we maintain a formal covenant. Together, Burgmann and GAC co-ordinate joint family Church services several times per year, provide opportunities to take part in youth groups, and explore the potential for baptism and confirmation. Please visit Gungahlin Anglican church website for further information.

Our charitable efforts are a major priority, which seek to put the Christian gospel into practice. Traditionally we have supported Anglicare through the Winter Pantry Appeal, and World Vision through the 40 Hour Famine. Other opportunities to increase awareness, raise funds, and provide practical support toward a range of important local and global needs occur throughout the year.

Due to a significant number of defence force families within our school community, our Ministry team includes a Defence Transition Aide, dedicated to caring for defence family students, through lunchtime Defence Kids Club, occasional excursions, guest speakers, and learning support. We also annually hold ANZAC and Remembrance Day services to which all are welcome to attend. Please check the school calendar for details.