MS Wellbeing

Adolescents need good role models to gain acceptance both by their peers and by the adults around them. Middle School students at Burgmann Anglican School have a unique opportunity to develop vital relationships in a relevant and meaningful way.

The Core Teacher is the first point of contact between school and home and has academic and pastoral responsibilities for each student in his or her care. They are responsible for monitoring student progress and wellbeing across all subjects and for communicating with parents regarding any issues or concern which affect a students' schooling.

The Deputy Head of Middle School - Wellbeing and the Chaplain work with core teachers to develop appropriate relationships of trust with each of the students in their care. They are able to observe changes in the individual's character, give advice and guidance and provide strong adult role models. Deputy Head of Middle School - Wellbeing, Counsellor and Chaplain have access to advisory and other support services in the wider community.

Through their participation in the various pastoral and academic programs, as well as through many leadership opportunities, Middle School students become aware of and use their own special gifts. They explore their relationship with God and how their actions impact on others and their natural environment.

The school motto of Grace, Commitment and Wisdom states the values that underpin our curriculum. We accept God's grace freely given as we seek to learn more about Him, about ourselves and about the world in which we live. The school crest places these values in context.