JS Wellbeing

Our Junior School Wellbeing program is an integral part of the curriculum. It involves the spiritual, emotional and physical development of the child.

Complementing our Chapel services and Christian Living classes, students are encouraged to identify and use their gifts and strengths in the community.

The strengths we explore stem from the school’s key virtues of Courage, Curiosity, Trust and Integrity. Our approach is positive, encouraging all students to ‘bring their best’ to school. Students who are experiencing difficulties, or displaying negative behaviours, are given the opportunity to meet with either a teacher or the Deputy Head of Wellbeing, to reflect and look for a way forward.

Weekly House meetings afford students the opportunity to celebrate House spirit and team work. House Captains are selected each year, through a written application, peer vote, teacher endorsement and an interview. The House Captains have a leadership role, run the weekly meetings and ‘rally the troops’ for carnivals.

Charity Leaders are selected each year from the Houses. There are 12 Charity Leaders, with each House having representatives from each year group. The Charity Leaders work closely with the Chaplain, to disseminate information about the charities being supported and to encourage fundraising.