EC Wellbeing

In Early Childhood we are committed to a behaviour management approach that supports all children and helps them develop and refine social skills, resilience and relationships. Students are encouraged to be thoughtful, respectful and responsible for their own actions. We understand that these social skills do not always come naturally or immediately to children and we are committed to supporting the children to develop this approach in partnership with their parents.

We are proactive in behaviour management, listening to children’s concerns and helping them to reach a resolution that each child can agree and commit to. Practices of restorative justice are often employed to reconnect students so that they can focus on the problematic behaviour, not the person as a whole.

Our overall goal is to have an environment at Burgmann Anglican School which is safe, happy and comfortable. Social challenges amongst children are a normal part of their development as they work out who they are in our wider world. We aim to work together to help them in this journey.