EC Curriculum

We provide a child centred curriculum that is relevant and meaningful, with ongoing opportunities for individualised learning experiences developed in a holistic manner.

In Early Childhood we:

  • design rich, varied and engaging learning opportunities that are age appropriate;
  • implement a comprehensive literacy program that includes guided reading, exposure to, and analysis of, quality literature, and a balance between whole language and phonics approaches to reading, writing and spelling;
  • implement a mathematics program that incorporates active learning with concrete materials and develops strong foundational numeracy skills;
  • differentiate our programs so that we are building on each child’s strengths and needs while catering to a range of learning styles;
  • teach a comprehensive curriculum including active exploration of the Arts, Science, History, Technology and the world around us; as well as specialist lessons in Physical Education, Music, Christian Living and Indonesian;
  • teach social skills and emotional intelligence explicitly, through a social skills program that explores resilience, inclusivity, and restoration of relationships.
  • implement a lateral thinking program to develop creative and critical thinking skills.

In addition to classroom teachers, our enrichment teachers and aides work with a range of children from Kindergarten to Year 2 in order to further support the development of literacy and numeracy skills, and to assist students experiencing difficulties learning to read.