Early Childhood (Preschool - Year 2)

Early Childhood at Burgmann Anglican School provides a platform for young children to experience the joy of learning. Our program provides an educational experience that enables children to engage with and respond to the opportunities and challenges of a changing world while learning foundational skills in literacy and numeracy. We believe that our nurturing environment coupled with a strong social skills program, broadens and enriches the ethical and spiritual development of each child. We want children to grow as confident individuals, to take appropriate and challenging risks, to develop the skills and passions of lifelong learners, and to view the world with self-confidence and curiosity.

We value the important partnership between families and teachers particularly at this early stage of a child’s formal education, and offer a range of opportunities for parents to participate in the education of their children.

Early Childhood Information Booklets can be found on the website under Class Requirements in the Parent tab.

ACECQA Excellence Rating For Burgmann Anglican School Preschools

We are proud to announce the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) has determined that Valley and Forde Preschool meet the Excellent rating criteria.

The decision is based on satisfying three criteria:

  1. The service exemplifies and promotes exceptional education and care that improves outcomes for children and families across at least three themes
  2. The service demonstrates leadership that contributes to the development of a community, a local area, or the wider education and care sector
  3. The service demonstrates commitment to sustained Excellent practice through continuous improvement and comprehensive forward planning

For further information on the Excellence Rating process can be found on the ACECQA website.