Students have the opportunity to share many positive experiences through cocurricular and inter-school sport. Our key sport values are the

  • opportunity for participation, fun and enjoyment;
  • importance of sportsmanship and fair play;
  • attainment of cohesive team work and game principles;
  • growth of friendships, camaraderie and sense of community;
  • development of confidence, self discipline and self esteem;
  • benefits of an active lifestyle and physical fitness;
  • skill development and improvement of all players;
  • acceptance of responsibility and promotion of student leadership.

We take pride in being active participants of the Gungahlin/ Canberra community as well as the Canberra Independent Schools community. At Burgmann we see sport as a medium for students to foster relationships with staff, parent volunteers and the wider community. We believe our students' experiences in sport fosters attitudes and values that they can take with them into adult life.

Cocurricular Sport

Burgmann is building a sustainable and inclusive sports culture that values all players, whatever division or age group they belong to. Within the cocurricular program, we participate in a number of team sports. Please direct enquiries to the sports' convener via the email address provided below.

Our philosophy is that student participation in co-curricular activities is voluntary. Elite athletes are encouraged and supported to develop their talents by connecting them with those in the wider community who can assist them.

2018 Netball

The 2018 Netball registration is now open, please CLICK HERE to view.

Registrations Close 4pm Friday 16th Feb 2018

Please email if you need assistance accessing the portal.     

Inter-school Sport

Additional to the co-curricular sport program, Burgmann participates in inter-school sport competitions run by ACT School Sport as well as the ASC competitions during school time in the following sports. Please direct enquiries to the Sports Coordinator at

  • Athletics
  • Cross Country
  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • Football (soccer)