Library Services

The library is in need of volunteers to assist with the covering of new resources. It is a great way to help the school community from home or at school. If you are able to assist we will provide you with the contact for the resources which you can take home and cover at your leisure. Please visit or call the library for more information.

Library is a place where we can read books, we can find information, we can have fun, we can play on computers, we can draw, and we can play and read.

by Gemma, Neerajaa and Claire (Yr2)

Opening Hours

The Burgmann School library is one library with two branches.

The Valley Campus Library is located in the Valley Central Resources Building.

Opening Hours

  • 8.30am - 3.15pm Monday and Friday
  • The library is closed at recess

Extended Library Hours for Senior School Students

  • Monday - Thursday 3.15-6.00pm
  • Friday 3.15-5.00pm

The Forde Campus Library is located in the Browning Centre at the Forde Campus.

Opening Hours

  • 9am - 2pm Monday to Friday
  • The library is closed at recess


The school library caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 12, as well as staff and parents. The resources include picture books, fiction, non-fiction, periodicals, e-books, reference and teacher reference materials as well as several online references and databases.

The library catalogue is web based and is searchable from any computer on the school network. There are two WebOPACs (catalogue computers) in each library branch for locating resources.

Library resources may be borrowed for two weeks and textbooks are loaned to students for a semester or year.

Students from Kindergarten to Year 5 need to use a book bag to transport the books from home to school.

Classes in Early Childhood and Junior School (Preschool to Year 5) come to the library for 30 minutes each week for reading and borrowing. Middle and Senior School students visit the library with their class teachers to access resources and to learn research skills with the teacher librarian. Senior school students also use the library independently during study lines and after school when the teacher librarian is present to assist.

The teacher librarians organise book groups for students in Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.