Health Information

Burgmann Anglican School is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for students. Certain members of staff are qualified and available to perform the duties of First Aid officers, having attained and maintained at least a Level 2 St John Ambulance Senior First Aid Certificate. If an injury or illness occurs at school, employees and students have ready access to qualified first aid assistance. All members of staff have a duty of care to students as well as other staff members to provide assistance when required. 

While school staff have a duty of care to students to provide first aid assistance when required, parents will be aware that schools cannot be responsible for the general management of medical conditions. In special circumstances, staff may be able to assist with the administration of medication. In these cases, it is necessary to have a comprehensive written authority from the student's parent/ guardian and to also seek from them a written statement from the student's medical practitioner authorising a member of staff to administer the prescribed medication.

During the school day First Aid facilities are available in the Forde Front Office, the Valley Front Office and the Senior School Reception. First Aid facilities are also available at all co-curricular activities, school excursions, camps and overnight trips.