Parents and Friends

The Parents and Friends Association (P&F) is an incorporated body that meets regularly throughout the school year to discuss issues and identify opportunities to pursue its three main objectives:

  • to provide an opportunity for parents and friends of children at the school to discuss school activities and to contribute to the school community generally;
  • to raise funds to help the purchase extra equipment and facilities for the school; and
  • to organise activities designed to encourage the parents and children to meet as a community.

The P&F Committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting, held in first term. Meetings are held in week 3 and week 7 of each term and are open to all parents and friends of the school. Meetings are attended by the Principal or a senior member of staff and provide an opportunity for parents to learn more about how the school is run and ask questions or raise issues.

Upcoming events, watch out for further information in the Newsletter.

Fundraising efforts by the P&F have assisted in:

  • Audio Visual system for Heyward Hall
  • Seating at Middle School
  • Early Childhood and Junior School enrichment materials and library books
  • Senior School science, maths and English learning and teaching materials
  • Speakers for parent information evenings
  • the Grace Foundation
  • Year 12 Formal and Graduation

Parents & Friends Committee Members

President - Michelle Murphy
Vice President - Jennifer See
Secretary - Jennifer Bell and Jade Deveney
Treasurer - Lisa Weissel
Fundraising Coordinator & Ordinary Member - Sally Dowse
Ordinary Member - Wendy Preston
Ordinary Member - Karen Spedding
Ordinary Member - Trish Brodie

P&F Nominee on the Burgmann Anglican School Board - Wendy Preston

Information on the activities of the P&F are regularly advertised in the weekly school newsletter.

Regular activities of the P&F include:

  • coordination of the annual school fair
  • general fundraising activities and initiatives throughout the year
  • coordination of other activities such as school discos, student events etc
  • contribute funds for sporting, musical, playground, library and other uses around the school

Burgmann Anglican School Parents and Friends Association Constitution

2018 Schedule of Meetings

Meetings are held in the Valley Library and start time is 7.00pm unless advised otherwise in the school newsletter.

Term 1

Monday 19 February 

Monday 19 March & AGM Agenda

 2018 Management Committee Positions Nomination Form

Term 2 

Tuesday 15 May

Tuesday 12 June

Term 3 

Tuesday 7 August

Tuesday 4 September

Term 4 

Tuesday 30 October 

Tuesday 27 November

2017 Meetings

Wednesday 15 February

Minutes 3 April 2017

AGM Agenda and

Tuesday 9 May

Agenda 9 May

Minutes 9 May

Agenda 8 June

Minutes 8 June

Agenda 31 July

Minutes 31 July

Agenda  29 August

Minutes 29 August

Wednesday 18 October

Agenda 18 October

Wednesday 8 November

2016 Meetings

Minutes from P&F Meeting 17 February 2016

Thursday 17 March
Draft Minutes P&F Meeting 17 March 2016

Monday 4 April AGM
Agenda 4 April

Tuesday 10 May
Agenda 10 May

Minutes from 10 May 2016

Monday 9 June
Special Meeting followed by General Meeting

Minutes from 9 June 2016

Minutes-from Special Meeting 9 June

Tuesday 2 August

Minutes from P&F Meeting 2 August

Wednesday 31 August

Agenda 31 August

Minutes 31 August

Thursday 27 October

Agenda 27 October

Minutes 27 October

Tuesday 22 November

Agenda 22 November

Minutes 22 November

Further Information

To contact the P&F please email

2015 Meeting Minutes

Minutes from P&F Meeting - 23 February 2015

Minutes from P&F Meeting & AGM - 24 March 2015

Minutes from P&F AGM Part 2 11 May 2015
President's Report

Minutes from P&F Meeting-11 May 2015

Minutes from P&F Meeting- 10 June 2015

Minutes from P&F Meeting - 4 August 2015

Minutes from P&F Meeting 31 August 2015

Agenda for Meeting 26 October 2015

Minutes from P&F Meeting 26 October 2015

Agenda for Meeting 3 December 2015

Draft Minutes P&F Meeting 3 December 2015

2014 Meeting Minutes

P&F Minutes 17 February 2014

P&F Minutes 27 March 2014

Minutes from the P&F Annual General Meeting 27 March 2014

P&F Minutes 14 May 2014

P&F Minutes 12 June 2014

P&F Minutes 4 August 2014

P&F Minutes 2 September 2014

P&F Minutes 29 October 2014

P&F Minutes 2 December 2014