School Houses

We are the third wave of settlers on the school's original site in Gungahlin.

The Ngunnawal people were the first to make their homes here countless years ago. The local stone or chert was used to shape their axes and other cutting and hunting implements. The stream gave them water, the wind cooled them on hot days and carried messages of the hunt or of fire. Their connection with each other and this land was intense, they belonged here.

Thomas and Catherine Gribble travelled thousands of kilometres to settle on this same site. They used some of the local stone and mud to build their home in the late 1800s. You can see some of the remains of their farm behind the Valley Campus today. They brought up seven children and felt that they, too, belonged here.

In 1999, the buildings of Burgmann Anglican School announced the arrival of new caretakers of this place. By 2011, we numbered nearly 1500 students, across two campuses. We seek to value and understand those who have lived here before us. We want to be good caretakers and feel that we also belong here.

Our House groups, use the ancient names of Guraguma, the West Wind, Ngadyung, water, Gurabung, stone and Dhurrawang, light, showing our respect for those who settled here before us.

As our community grows, we seek to strengthen our connection with each other, keeping the values of friendship and family strong in this place. Our House groups draw us closer together promoting a sense of belonging to each other and to this place, regardless of age or background. Through the Houses we promote healthy competition and develop leadership skills.

We are also following Jesus' example by loving one another and caring for and using the gifts that He has given us. We all belong to a House, a school and to Jesus. In fact, we are the Body of Christ: the cross of Christ holds us together. When we offer ourselves and our skills to Him, then we are truly complete and we belong to Him and to this place.