Junior School (Year 3 - Year 5)

The Junior School is structured to help children become independent learners. In Early Childhood, the students learned to read, while in Junior School they will read to learn. There is a transition from teacher led to independent learning. In Early Childhood, students began an exciting journey of ‘formal’ education. They explored the world around them and began to make sense of letters and numbers. In Junior School we hope that they will discover the joy of reading for themselves and the way that science and numbers are evident in, and an integral part of, our world.

Junior School is about students making connections in their learning. It is about exploring text at a deeper level. Through questioning, investigating and exploring they will continue to look at an integrated curriculum that will help them to make sense of the world around them, and further prepare them to be lifelong learners. The curriculum of the Junior School years is supported by an integrated, inquiry based approach to learning. It is underpinned by a rigorous Literacy and Mathematics program and Specialists’ lessons in Indonesian, French, Physical Education, Music and Christian Living.